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my name is Ken and I am sustained 100% by tears

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know what feels good

making progress on chapter 49

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This is a call to arms, gather soldiers
Time to go to war
This is a battle song, brothers and sisters,
Time to go to war

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hey chapter 45 is out

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So can you feel your heartbeat racing?
Can you feel the tension rise?
Can you see the road you’re walking?
Are these signs too hard to recognize?
Part of where you’re going
Is knowing where you’re coming from
The hardest part of moving forward
Are these times where we all stand alone

No, no, but you’ll never believe, no, no

For all these times that we walked away
For all these times that I heard you say,
"Give me something to believe in,
Give me someone to believe in”
For all these times— and it starts today.

As I write chapter 45, this is pretty much the theme for everything that happens after the “battle”. I say ‘battle’ in quotes because, well, you’ll see.

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My received half of an art trade on dA! Original deviation here. Isn’t it just too cute for words? 8D

also if you missed the memo, chapter 44 is out as of yesterday~

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so Chi just drew this and sent it to me

(if you don’t imagine me, when I write re:GEN, as a little Reimon with blue markings/etc instead of yellow, you’re imagining it wrong)

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hey episode 43 is out every which wheres

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This world, full of danger and suspense and monsters and living day to day — it felt more like home to all seven children than anything any of them had ever felt. Though they had known each other for so short a time, this rag-tag group of misfit kids felt bonds, to both their monster partners and to eachother, as strong as anything.

excerpt from the WIP chapter 43

you’re welcome uwu

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and chapter 42 is up all three places~